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Restorative Wellness MD of Cincinnati takes a comprehensive and common-sense approach to your health. Our goal is for you to feel like yourself again. Learn More

Restorative Wellness MD

Restorative Wellness MD takes a comprehensive and common-sense approach to your health. Our goal is for you to feel like yourself again!

A Healthy Body is an Exciting Body!

Restorative Wellness MD strives to rise above alternative medicine fads & the shortcomings of traditional medicine. We focus on the foundational pillars of health including, hormonal balance, nutritional adequacy, and restorative sleep, to establish enduring wellness. We add in rejuvenating, restorative therapies to build on that foundation. We work collaboratively with you to design individual, personal programs to address your health concerns. We educate you to simplify the complex concepts associated with your health, so you understand the steps needed to restore it.
Together, we will build a healthier, happier, sexier, you!

Sexual function is very dependent on feeling good about yourself and your partner. The human body is complex and so are the problems that affect our health. As we feel our health decline, many of us search for answers and too often stumble upon internet sites offering miracle supplements or television shows discussing inadequate quick fixes. Unfortunately, restoring and maintaining health is not as easy as taking a single pill or supplement. Optimal health has many influences, and short cuts or gimmicks won’t work to maintain it. Restorative Wellness MD strives to rise above alternative medicine fads and traditional medicine shortcomings. 

   Are you living with symptoms of aging or more recognized conditions such as menopause, hypothyroidism, perimenopause, andropause, or adrenal fatigue? If so, Dr. Julie Kissel can help! Dr. Kissel is a masterful hormone doctor, specializing in integrative medicine and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Dr. Kissel offers an enthusiastic hand to guide you in figuring out if your hormone symptoms are caused by high or low testosterone levels, progesterone insufficiencies, or estrogen variations. Dr. Kissel is committed to delivering exceptional care to her patients and is determined to identify the root cause of what is afflicting you. Throughout your wellness journey, Dr. Kissel will develop a unique, personalized treatment plan that suits YOUR needs. If quality care and an improved daily life is what you seek, why wait any longer?

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We only use FDA-approved bio-identical hormones. It is our goal to administer just enough to bring you into balance. Ask about Pellet Therapy for Women & Men!
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We look at a full thyroid profile including Free T4, Free T3 and Reverse T3 & thyroid antibodies. We know that both thyroid and adrenal function are related to stress and brain health.
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Peptides are an exciting new tool in the medicine box. They are small proteins, and have multiple uses. They increase libido and sexual function, increase the production of growth hormone - HGH, support immune function, support brain health, treat musculoskeletal/joint problems, and more.
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1. Sexual Rejuvenation for Men and Women – We offer treatments and therapies for a variety of concerns and conditions including decreased sensitivity, discomfort or pain during sex, lack of pleasure, incontinence, and other complaints. a. Vaginal and Penile Injections with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – better known as O shot and P shot . We use your body’s own natural healing cells to rejuvenate your sexual response.
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Ask us about Male and Female sexual rejuvenation to improve sensation and function
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Healthy weight follows a healthy life. Weight is not just calories in – calories out. Ask us how to lose weight for life.
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1. Mood & Brain Health – A healthy brain is a number one priority 2. Cardiovascular Health – Energy and vitality results from a healthy lifestyle 3. Immune health – Autoimmune Disease can be treated without medications
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Healthy bodies make healthy babies Restorative Wellness MD provides comprehensive pre-natal care and counseling for women and couples, based on the principles of functional medicine.
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At Restorative Wellness MD we educate you on how to choose quality products specifically for your needs
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