Our Goal Is For You
To Feel Like Yourself Again!

Restorative Wellness MD takes a comprehensive
and common-sense approach to your health.

Welcome to Restorative Wellness MD

It is our goal to educate patients that although diseases including aging, obesity, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, alzheimer’s, gastrointestinal problems, mood issues, and auto-immune problems are a complex mix of both genetic and environmental forces, the lifestyle you choose is of much greater importance than the genetics you inherited. You can repair your cells and restore your health with quality nutrition, avoidance of food allergies, appropriate exercise and activity, balanced hormones including thyroid and adrenal hormones, stress management, psychological wellness, adequate sleep, and avoidance of toxins. We look forward to meeting you!

A Healthy Body
Is an Exciting Body

Restorative Wellness MD strives to rise above alternative medicine fads & the shortcomings of traditional medicine. We focus on the foundational pillars of health including, hormonal balance, nutritional adequacy, and restorative sleep, to establish enduring wellness. We add in rejuvenating, restorative therapies to build on that foundation. We work collaboratively with you to design individual, personal programs to address your health concerns. We educate you to simplify the complex concepts associated with your health, so you understand the steps needed to restore it.

Together, we will build a healthier, happier, sexier, you!

Sexual function is very dependent on feeling good about yourself and your partner. The human body is complex and so are the problems that affect our health. As we feel our health decline, many of us search for answers and too often stumble upon internet sites offering miracle supplements or television shows discussing inadequate quick fixes. Unfortunately, restoring and maintaining health is not as easy as taking a single pill or supplement. Optimal health has many influences, and short cuts or gimmicks won’t work to maintain it. Restorative Wellness MD strives to rise above alternative medicine fads and traditional medicine shortcomings.